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Martial Arts - How to Get Started

Friday, July 28, 2017

Martial Arts - How to Get Started

How to get started in our martial arts classes


Pick up the phone and make the enquiry

The step is to talk to us, either complete a contact form and we will call you or give us a call. During this chat, we can get find out why you want to get started and what you hope to achieve from the training. Please ask any questions or highlight any concerns you may have about martial arts training. During this call, we will invite you down to take part in a beginner class.


Please Confirm

We treat each new person coming to try a class with the upmost respect and courtesy. We don’t allow just anyone to drop in to our classes, they must be invited. We realise how busy people’s lives are so we always send a text reminder on the day and ask for a confirmation that you’ll be attending.


Where are we, can you find us?

If you are unsure of our location and area please give your yourself plenty of time to find us. Most of our locations are very east to find and all are on google maps. But it makes sense to give yourself enough time to find us.


Training Wear

For this first class wear, something that you feel comfortable in that you can exercise in eg track suit, t-shirt, gym wear.


When you Arrive

I am sure the instructor will give you a warm welcome when you arrive, and will find a place for you to sit down, so they you can have a chat about what will happen in the class. The instructor will ask you to complete a basic information form, this is to ensure we have your correct details.


Nervous, don’t be?

Easy said than done right! We understand starting anything new can make people a bit nervous or even a little anxious. It is the instructors job to make you feel at ease and to ensure you have a great time.


The Class

We keep are classes fresh and exciting so not every class is the same, however there are always core techniques we do in most classes. Even though classes vary the general structure is as follows.

Bow in and start – the bow is simply like shaking someone’s hand it shows respect and courtesy.

Warm up and stretch – These fundamental and warm exercises followed by simple stretches get you ready to have a great class.

Basic Striking – Learn the fundamental punching, kicking and blocking techniques

Hit the targets - This is great work out and will do wonders for your fitness; however, you can take it easy, it’s important you work at your own rate.

Self defence - Learn practical self-defence moves that will build your confidence.

Bow out and finish – we finish with some light stretching to warm down. Again, the bow is a polite way of saying good bye as a group. 


By the end of the class we hope you are ‘SSL’ - Sweating, smiling and learning.


Do you want to join up?

After the class, we will ask for your feedback and see whether you felt the classes would benefit you.

The prices of tuition are given in more detail on the prices page of the website. 

To enrol you pay the first month by card or cash and for subsequent months this is done through a direct debit (this can be cancelled at any time).

If you are not sure and not ready to join up yet, no problem, we will invite to try another class.

Free uniform

Yes, you really do get a free martial arts uniform! We usually issue this on your next class.

The Next Class

Once you have joined up you will see you have an attendance card. This card helps us monitor your attendance and progress so we can be sure to keep you on track to reach your martial arts and fitness goals.



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What our clients say

Gannon's is the best martial arts academy in Leicester, very friendly instructor's. My son has been doing martial arts for nearly 5yrs and he loves it, can't get enough of the training. Well recommended to anyone, give it ago, you won't be disappointed.

Amit Patel

I have recently joined the academy and have been given a very warm welcome. I have no experience in martial arts and have started the beginner classes. I find the classes are exciting, fun and informative. They are a very supportive team and want to help you achieve your goals. Great atmosphere and lovely people to learn with! Whatever your ability or fitness, I highly recommend joining Gannon’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Diane Wartnaby

Wow, what a great place this is, we started taking our son as he was getting bullied at school, best move we ever made, he's like a different child! Lewis and Jasmine and Master Gannon are all great teachers and we are always welcome.

Ian Dunkley

I recently enrolled into the beginners program at Gannon's. Although it's early days I have learnt a lot already. The teachers are top quality and there is always a great atmosphere at the academy. I would definitely recommend Gannon's to anyone interested in starting MMA.

Jasper Alyn Stephens

My 7 year old son has just joined. Had a mini lesson on his own yeterday and had his first class tonight. He thoroughly enjoyed it and Lewis took the time to go through moves with him. He was not made to feel like a newby and hes looking forward to his next class. So far so good!

Kelly Richardson

Absolutely amazing! And that is a massive understatement. Everyone is very friendly and the instructors are top quality teachers. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Liam Crawford

We have been coming to Gannons MMA for 1 year now. Our 2 boys have moved from white to blue belt this year. That's absolutely phenomenal considering they only 8 and 6. Our boys are truly energetic and just want to have fun and its been a challenge to calm them down. But since we joined Gannons MMA Leicester they have matured so much and Hyper Jon has even improved his focus in class. We cannot thank Lewis and Jasmine enough to help with implementing discipline into our two wild cat's. Over and above this, we really enjoy the professional classes that our boys attend with a proper dojo setup of thick mats, mma cage and loads of punching pads including the Bruce Lee punching man. What really sets this mma school apart from other schools is that we have Lewis and Jasmin training the boys each lesson together, along with their professionalism they have a professional setup. So there is more consistency in their lessons. Lewis and Jasmin are also so friendly even while trying to stay focused during classes. Everyone in the class is so friendly. In fact we have met two other couple's thru the mma classes. What is also great is the mma tournaments and socials, but best of all the Summer Camp. If you want a serious investment in your children then I can definitely recommend Gannons MMA. 5 Star rating for sure!!!

Mark Wedge

Today I went for my first kickboxing lesson and I have got to say I enjoyed it very much.. I was quite nervous going on my own but Paul Gannon welcomes you with open arms and make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be coming back... it is amazing experience and you also have fun why training... Thank you master paul Gannon

Matthew Leeson

No matter what you're aim is, either self defence or fitness, then Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the best place to achieve your goals. The team are amazing, supporting you no matter what your level and it is more like a family than a dojo. I cannot recommend it highly enough, to say that it is life changing is not an exaggeration.

Paul Reid

A fantastic mixed martial arts school with brilliant, knowledgeable instructors and a great group of people to train with.

Paul Sheldrake

A fun and interesting classes that will keep you coming back for more

Ruth Singleton

The word Awesome is used a lot here. And for good reason. It is. Awesome instructors. Awesome people. And you will have an awesome time. If you are interested in martial arts. Fitness and mental discipline. You won't go wrong here. Two years in and still loving it. Awesome.

Steve Hadley