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One of my best days in Martial Arts by Jasmine Gannon

Monday, July 10, 2017

One of my best days in Martial Arts by Jasmine Gannon

I had never felt nerves like it before, my brain couldn't comprehend the fear pulsing through my veins; all of my body was telling me to run away and go home, my heart was beating, I felt sick, I was sweating and every muscle was tensed and alert. Nothing that I had experienced had ever close to how terrified I was when I was waiting for my name to get called. We had been in the sports halls for around two hours warming up and waiting for my weigh in and I had been perfectly calm and relaxed up until my group was called. Looking around at the other women in my group, I was the youngest by perhaps ten years and in my head I was tiny compared to everyone else, with my heart still beating, I tried to calm down and go through my game plan and remember what my dad (and instructor) had told me; arms in, knees in, keep breathing.

The women next to me was looking around in her bag for her drink but couldn’t find it, I immediately thought that there's no way that I can beat this giant woman but I can ‘kill her with kindness’ and psych her out so I gave her my water bottle and had a chat with her whilst trying to be my most friendly self. Finally my name was called and the feeling of absolute terror kicked in again; I looked over at my dad and brother, tried to smile and walked to the middle of the mat. I bowed at referee and then at my opponent, tried to relax and empty by mind, the referee said start and my opponent and I touched hands, from the minute the clock started my jiu jitsu brain kicked in and everything else was second nature, I jumped guard, and then swept her to top control.

Suddenly there was blood all over my hands, her shoulder and the matts and the fight was stopped, I was often having nose bleeds at training due to the heat so I knew I wasn’t hurt, but I was terrified of them disqualifying me when I knew I was up on points! My first thought was to convince the referee and the medic that I wasn’t injured and I was fine to carry on, all whilst blood was pouring out of my nose and onto my new light pink rashguard. I was taken over to the medical room to be assessed to whether or not I was injured and if I can carry on, I was telling everyone I can see that I was fine, I was not injured and I could definitely carry on! To my delight I was allowed to continue. My mindset was very different to how I had started out, I was no longer a bag of nerves, this time I was hungry for the win and focused. The match restarted and I fought the whole match to keep top control and what felt like after 3 hours, the 5 minute match was finished and I won.

The tiredness hit me like a brick wall, my limbs felt like jelly, my head was banging and I couldn’t catch my breath, the worst thing was I knew I only had a few minute break until I had to fight another girl for the Gold. I was less nervous this time when my name got called and my adrenaline was racing through. The referee said start and I went to shake hands with my opponent, instead of the sportsmanship hand bump I was used to, she grabbed my hand and tried to arm drag me, I defended quickly and smiled at her and knew in that moment that I could beat her. I jumped guard and within a few seconds had the kimura submission and was inches away from getting the win, I could hear my dad and brother screaming from the sidelines ‘finish her, finish her!’ and a second later I felt the familiar two tapps and knew that I had won gold. I was elated and couldn’t contain my joy, I took thousands of selfies with my new medal and was whisked away to McDonald's for my victory meal. In reality, the competition probably went very differently to how I remembered it but my memory is of me battling giant women fighting to the death to get the win.


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What our clients say

Gannon's is the best martial arts academy in Leicester, very friendly instructor's. My son has been doing martial arts for nearly 5yrs and he loves it, can't get enough of the training. Well recommended to anyone, give it ago, you won't be disappointed.

Amit Patel

I have recently joined the academy and have been given a very warm welcome. I have no experience in martial arts and have started the beginner classes. I find the classes are exciting, fun and informative. They are a very supportive team and want to help you achieve your goals. Great atmosphere and lovely people to learn with! Whatever your ability or fitness, I highly recommend joining Gannon’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Diane Wartnaby

Wow, what a great place this is, we started taking our son as he was getting bullied at school, best move we ever made, he's like a different child! Lewis and Jasmine and Master Gannon are all great teachers and we are always welcome.

Ian Dunkley

I recently enrolled into the beginners program at Gannon's. Although it's early days I have learnt a lot already. The teachers are top quality and there is always a great atmosphere at the academy. I would definitely recommend Gannon's to anyone interested in starting MMA.

Jasper Alyn Stephens

My 7 year old son has just joined. Had a mini lesson on his own yeterday and had his first class tonight. He thoroughly enjoyed it and Lewis took the time to go through moves with him. He was not made to feel like a newby and hes looking forward to his next class. So far so good!

Kelly Richardson

Absolutely amazing! And that is a massive understatement. Everyone is very friendly and the instructors are top quality teachers. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Liam Crawford

We have been coming to Gannons MMA for 1 year now. Our 2 boys have moved from white to blue belt this year. That's absolutely phenomenal considering they only 8 and 6. Our boys are truly energetic and just want to have fun and its been a challenge to calm them down. But since we joined Gannons MMA Leicester they have matured so much and Hyper Jon has even improved his focus in class. We cannot thank Lewis and Jasmine enough to help with implementing discipline into our two wild cat's. Over and above this, we really enjoy the professional classes that our boys attend with a proper dojo setup of thick mats, mma cage and loads of punching pads including the Bruce Lee punching man. What really sets this mma school apart from other schools is that we have Lewis and Jasmin training the boys each lesson together, along with their professionalism they have a professional setup. So there is more consistency in their lessons. Lewis and Jasmin are also so friendly even while trying to stay focused during classes. Everyone in the class is so friendly. In fact we have met two other couple's thru the mma classes. What is also great is the mma tournaments and socials, but best of all the Summer Camp. If you want a serious investment in your children then I can definitely recommend Gannons MMA. 5 Star rating for sure!!!

Mark Wedge

Today I went for my first kickboxing lesson and I have got to say I enjoyed it very much.. I was quite nervous going on my own but Paul Gannon welcomes you with open arms and make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be coming back... it is amazing experience and you also have fun why training... Thank you master paul Gannon

Matthew Leeson

No matter what you're aim is, either self defence or fitness, then Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the best place to achieve your goals. The team are amazing, supporting you no matter what your level and it is more like a family than a dojo. I cannot recommend it highly enough, to say that it is life changing is not an exaggeration.

Paul Reid

A fantastic mixed martial arts school with brilliant, knowledgeable instructors and a great group of people to train with.

Paul Sheldrake

A fun and interesting classes that will keep you coming back for more

Ruth Singleton

The word Awesome is used a lot here. And for good reason. It is. Awesome instructors. Awesome people. And you will have an awesome time. If you are interested in martial arts. Fitness and mental discipline. You won't go wrong here. Two years in and still loving it. Awesome.

Steve Hadley