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MMA Sparring for Beginners Lesson 2

Monday, October 23, 2017

MMA Sparring for Beginners Lesson 2

MMA Sparring for Beginners - Lesson 1

Monday, October 16, 2017

MMA Sparring for Beginners - Lesson 1

Sparring is one of the big reasons why people enjoy martial arts training. Sparring is a way to practice your punches, kicks and blocks by using various sparring drills.

There is an almost infinite amount sparring drills that can be created, but here the first two in our series of sparring lessons.

Non-contact alternate Sparring – I demonstrate during the lesson shown. You have you partner and you fire a single move or a combination of moves towards your partner. You aim to hit shorts of the target area, but you do aim at that area. Even though there is no contact the technique should be executed with good technique and power. There is no need to add speed into the equation unless your moves already have a good technique. Nothing ruins technique quicker than speed!

In this lesson you will notice we are not bouncing around with elaborate footwork. The movements are kept straight forward. Again, like with speed too much foot work may compromise your stance and general technique.

The goal, here is two fold. One of the most important skills you need for sparring is your ability to face forward and turn away. If you get into the bad habit of turning or looking away then you will never master striking techniques. However, by practicing the sparring drills as shown you will build up a great amount confidence and keep your eye on your target.

The second goal, when practicing is too develop good technique and footwork. Good technique is never accomplished in a rush or by trying to practice moves too fast.

Alternate Touch Sparring - This time we slow down the moves and simply make touch contact with our partner. With the lesson you can see that if you have a good technique and control you can shoot the move with power and still just have touch contact.

This drill can be used as a basic sparring exercise, but there is real magic is this way of practicing. For more advanced students, they can practice more challenging techniques. I personally like touch sparring to work high kicks. On future lessons I will demonstrate how to best practice this technique.

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Triangle choke for Mixed Martial Arts

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Triangle choke for Mixed Martial Arts

The Best Self Defence - Ground Fighting Part 3

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Best Self Defence - Ground Fighting Part 3

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Ninja Attack Gone Wrong

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ninja Attack Gone Wrong

The Best Self Defence - Ground Fighting Part 2

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Best Self Defence - Ground Fighting Part 2

This video lesson demonstrates a very important part of the ground self defence system.

The previous lesson dealt with how to get up of the ground in a fast safe way. The problem here is what happens if the bad guy closes the distance and can unload punches on your head!

The high guard leaves you venerable to strikes.

You will see we use a low guard, by sitting back to avoid the punches and use our legs to fill the space to ensure the bad guy can’t close the distance. I cover my head and pressure my feet on the guys hips, we are assuming the bad guy is being very aggressive and leaning into his punches.

If he pauses and steps back even for a moment that would give me enough space to stand up and guard. However, he piles the pressure on. This gives me an opportunity to execute a fantastic sweep.

On this video lesson, I demonstrate the move slowly with the bad guy taking it easy. However, as part of our regular training we would add more and more pressure, with the bad guy punching quicker. This ensures we develop a technique that really does work. We call these drills rapid mastery drills.

The drill would go like this, Lewis (playing the bad guy) would try to land punches with more intensity until my technique failed. This idea of training to point of failure is extremely effective way, not only does it develop incredible technique but develops the reactions to a higher level. We will demonstrate this training method on the final lesson.

With the bad guy trying to punch me, he would usually have one leg more forward this gives him more power so he can land strong back hand punch.

I grab the front leg low on the ankle, then move my leg of his hip and hook it under his back leg.

You then pull his front leg with my hand, drive his hip up with the foot in his hip and pull his back leg with my hook…boom. The sucker is now on his back.

To readers who don’t train MMA or grappling and that have not experienced this move, you may be sceptical, but I must stress this is not theory, it is a dam good move that really works and works in a high pressure situations. But don’t take my word for it, practice the move, work it, and add pressure, develop skill. Then try it in sparring.

The next problem we need to solve is what happens when the bad guy tries to circle so he can get passed your legs this can him the opportunity to punch you in the head without hindrance, (or passing guard as we say). On the next lesson, we will demonstrate the techniques required to keep guard, but also when the bad guy simply grabs your legs and throws them to the side.

Please feel free to comment in the section below.

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The best Self Defence - Ground fighting part1

Monday, September 11, 2017

The best Self Defence - Ground fighting part1

Gannon's Dragon Camp - Martial Arts & Leadership Training

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Gannon's Dragon Camp - Martial Arts & Leadership Training

A True Story: The 80's, Cider Drinking and Flying Side Kicks

Sunday, August 06, 2017

A True Story: The 80's, Cider Drinking and Flying Side Kicks

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Masters Secret Revealed - How to land a head kick

Friday, August 04, 2017

Masters Secret Revealed - How to land a head kick

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Gannon's is the best martial arts academy in Leicester, very friendly instructor's. My son has been doing martial arts for nearly 5yrs and he loves it, can't get enough of the training. Well recommended to anyone, give it ago, you won't be disappointed.

Amit Patel

I have recently joined the academy and have been given a very warm welcome. I have no experience in martial arts and have started the beginner classes. I find the classes are exciting, fun and informative. They are a very supportive team and want to help you achieve your goals. Great atmosphere and lovely people to learn with! Whatever your ability or fitness, I highly recommend joining Gannon’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy

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Wow, what a great place this is, we started taking our son as he was getting bullied at school, best move we ever made, he's like a different child! Lewis and Jasmine and Master Gannon are all great teachers and we are always welcome.

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I recently enrolled into the beginners program at Gannon's. Although it's early days I have learnt a lot already. The teachers are top quality and there is always a great atmosphere at the academy. I would definitely recommend Gannon's to anyone interested in starting MMA.

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My 7 year old son has just joined. Had a mini lesson on his own yeterday and had his first class tonight. He thoroughly enjoyed it and Lewis took the time to go through moves with him. He was not made to feel like a newby and hes looking forward to his next class. So far so good!

Kelly Richardson

Absolutely amazing! And that is a massive understatement. Everyone is very friendly and the instructors are top quality teachers. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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We have been coming to Gannons MMA for 1 year now. Our 2 boys have moved from white to blue belt this year. That's absolutely phenomenal considering they only 8 and 6. Our boys are truly energetic and just want to have fun and its been a challenge to calm them down. But since we joined Gannons MMA Leicester they have matured so much and Hyper Jon has even improved his focus in class. We cannot thank Lewis and Jasmine enough to help with implementing discipline into our two wild cat's. Over and above this, we really enjoy the professional classes that our boys attend with a proper dojo setup of thick mats, mma cage and loads of punching pads including the Bruce Lee punching man. What really sets this mma school apart from other schools is that we have Lewis and Jasmin training the boys each lesson together, along with their professionalism they have a professional setup. So there is more consistency in their lessons. Lewis and Jasmin are also so friendly even while trying to stay focused during classes. Everyone in the class is so friendly. In fact we have met two other couple's thru the mma classes. What is also great is the mma tournaments and socials, but best of all the Summer Camp. If you want a serious investment in your children then I can definitely recommend Gannons MMA. 5 Star rating for sure!!!

Mark Wedge

Today I went for my first kickboxing lesson and I have got to say I enjoyed it very much.. I was quite nervous going on my own but Paul Gannon welcomes you with open arms and make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be coming back... it is amazing experience and you also have fun why training... Thank you master paul Gannon

Matthew Leeson

No matter what you're aim is, either self defence or fitness, then Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the best place to achieve your goals. The team are amazing, supporting you no matter what your level and it is more like a family than a dojo. I cannot recommend it highly enough, to say that it is life changing is not an exaggeration.

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A fantastic mixed martial arts school with brilliant, knowledgeable instructors and a great group of people to train with.

Paul Sheldrake

A fun and interesting classes that will keep you coming back for more

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The word Awesome is used a lot here. And for good reason. It is. Awesome instructors. Awesome people. And you will have an awesome time. If you are interested in martial arts. Fitness and mental discipline. You won't go wrong here. Two years in and still loving it. Awesome.

Steve Hadley